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Apple should be as passionate about books and education as they are about health and music.

A free update to "A Swift Kickstart" with four new chapters.

Sometimes you have to remind yourself of the most obvious things.

Looking at the state of Swift before the dotSwift conference.

There's a magic moment where the division between you and your work disappears.

Consider the reader when you write an email, a blog post, or a novel.

Start by imitating others but at some point find your voice.

The Swift 3 version of my book "A Swift Kickstart" is available.

NaNoWriMo? Not quite. I will be working each day on updating my Swift book.

I am hoping to return to writing soon. This is taking longer than I thought it would.

I won't be traveling this month and hope to work on my Swift and iOS books.

I annotate recipes when I cook. Why don't I do it when I code?