The Turtle in the Swift Playground

A Fun Introduction to Programming (90 minute - 2 hour)

Who it's for

This fun, interactive, introductory course is young people ages 7 - 11 who are new to programming.

What you'll learn

Participants will learn to move a turtle that lives in a Swift playground. We begin by moving just forward and back until we reach our target. Then we learn to turn the turtle to head for more complicated targets. As this fun fast-paced course progresses we learn more and more sophisticated ways to direct the turtle. We'll end the session with a cosmic turtle who can respond to quite complicated directions.

Students will be working with a real programming environment, writing real code. When they have completed this course, they will have taken the first steps toward being able to write apps for the Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

What you need

You need an iPad running iOS 10. We recommend you bring an older person who can help you with technical issues that might come up with the laptop you'll be using.

Note: The Turtle in the Xcode Playground is a version of this workshop designed to run in Xcode Playgrounds on Macs with macOS Sierra and Xcode 8 installed.

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