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Swift 3

Swift Kickstart

One day

This best selling one day intensive class introduces you to the most important concepts and techniques of coding with Swift. All of the material has been updated to teach the very latest version of Swift on the most recent version of Xcode. The first half of the course covers the language fundamentals and the second half examines classes, enumerations, structs, and protocols.

This follow-along workshop is a second course in Swift. You'll learn to take advantage of Swift features to write more robust code that is easier to reason about. One of the strengths of Swift is that it can borrow the best from a multitude of paradigms. We’ll look at how to successfully weave together OO and functional code into a readable and flexible architecture and focus on protocol oriented programming.

This two-day marathon consists of Swift Kickstart on day one followed by Thinking in Swift on day two. The first day focuses on language fundamentals followed by creating and working with Swift types. The second day continues with enumerations, protocol extensions, error handling and concludes with map, filter, reduce, and flatmap.

iOS 10

Intro to iOS 10

One day

This introduction to iOS development is for experienced programmers who have always wanted to learn to write an iPhone app. You can follow along as the examples provide an overview of the four pillars of iOS development: Xcode, Swift, Storyboards, and View Controllers. We work with single view and multiple view apps, create our code in the latest version of Swift, and embrace the latest features of Storyboards.

Swifty iOS 10

Two days

Experienced developers with a solid background in Swift, will find that this is the perfect time to write brand new iOS 10 apps using this brand new language. Swift 3 and the "Great Renaming" allows and encourages idiomatic Swift for iOS development and the language is now stabilizing from a source perspective. In addition, there have been tons of Swift friendly APIs introduced in iOS 10 (and iOS 9) along with tool improvements in Xcode 8 (and Xcode 7). You can't write great modern iOS apps by translating Objective-C code into Swift. In this course we embrace the latest tools, techniques, and idioms for writing Swifty iOS 10 apps.

iOS 10 with Swift 3

Our most popular introduction to programming iOS 10 in Swift 3 takes full advantage of Apple's new modern programming language in a comprehensive introduction to contemporary iOS development. We begin with a fast-paced introduction to Swift 3. On day two we continue the course with a study of idiomatic Swift blending protocol oriented programming, object oriented programming, and functional programming. On days three and four we use this Swift knowledge in our two day intensive survey of Swifty iOS programming.

This is an accelerated and abridged version of our most popular introduction to programming iOS 10 in Swift 3 Introduction to iOS Programming with Swift. This version is designed for experienced programmers who are new to Swift but who may have some iOS experience. We begin with a fast-paced, in-depth introduction to Swift 3. We finish with a look at building single view and multiple view iOS 10 applications in Swift.

Learn to Program

This fun, interactive workshop is designed to introduce programming to ages 7 - 11 but can be adapted for groups of any age. Participants direct a turtle towards its goal while learning the fundamentals of the Swift programming language and how to work with either an Xcode 8 playground or an iOS Swift Playground.