Daniel frequently presents keynotes and technical sessions at conferences, company events, and local group meetups on Swift and iOS development, pedagogy, mathematics, podcasting, story telling, team building, and reaching your audience.

Check here for Booking and Availability. The following are upcoming conference appearances and videos of past presentations.

Training and Presentations

Private Swift/iOS Training


Indianapolis, IN

June 19 - 21, 2018

Swift Island


Texel, NL

July 4 - 5, 2018

Conference Videos

Becoming a Map Maker

Swift Summit

San Francisco, CA

October, 2017

Why the Func

Alt Conf

San Francisco, CA

June, 2017

What the Functor is a Monad

Alt Conf

San Francisco, CA

June, 2016

A Time Lapse Look at Swift


Berlin, Germany

May, 2016

The Open World of Swift 3


Zurich, Switzerland

May, 2016

Ready for the Future


Amsterdam, Netherlands

March, 2016

Best of FP, POP, and OOP

try Swift

Tokyo, Japan

March, 2016

Turtles All the Way Down

Cocoa Love

Philadelphia, PA

October, 2015

Playgrounds are for Kids

Alt Conf

San Francisco, CA

June, 2015

(Functional) Programming for Everyone

Swift Summit

London, UK

May, 2015

The Ugly American Learns Swift

dot Swift

Paris, France

February, 2015

Somewhere between Tomorrowland and Frontierland


Leicester, UK

March, 2015

Crazy and Focused

33rd Degree

Krakow, Poland

June, 2014