Dough Temperature Calculator

A utility for bread bakers

Dough Temperature Calculator

The first magic moment in bread making is when your flour, salt, water, and yeast (or preferment) come together to form a dough.

The temperature of the dough at that moment has an amazing impact on the bread it will become.

Professional bakers have a Desired Dough Temperature that they target by adjusting the temperature of the water they use.

This simple app lets you do the same at home on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

What it does

The temperature of your kitchen, your flour, and your sourdough starter may be different today than they were the last time you baked.

This app makes it easy for you to calculate the temperature of the water you should use so that your finished dough is the same temperature every time - no matter how cold or hot your kitchen and ingredients are.

As you enter the temperatures of the elements you can't control, you'll update the computed value of the water temperature.

This app allows you to work in Celsius or Fahrenheit and to adjust the friction factor to tune the formula to the methods you use.

New in version two is the ability to store mixes you make more than once and to automatically adjust the friction factor by recording the final dough temperature after the mix.

This is a simple app that does just one thing - but that one thing will help you take your bread baking to a new level.

The app also runs on M1 Macs.


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Support and Feedback

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