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June 2, 2020

Empathy for our users, friends, neighbors, and folks we share the world with. Also a new song from James Dempsey, searching Twitter, Maggie's link to Snagels, and Kaya Thomas' update to We Read Too.(The Newsletter).

Jordan and Lars gave me great feedback when I asked how they might represent a method as opposed to a function. I've included their suggestions and a badly drawn comic explanation from my FP book in this month's "Drawing" post. (Drawing Your Own Conclusions).

May 29, 2020

Free update to the FP book includes more diagrams, comics, extra examples, and two new sections. (Dim Sum Thinking).

Last week I spoke at CocoaHeadsNL, the wonderful user group from the Netherlands. I've visited their meetup many times and spoken there in person in the past and so was delighted to be asked to talk about Functional Programming in the context of SwiftUI. Here's the video I produced.(Editors Cut).

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