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On reason vs. following your gut. Enduring a little spray so we don't capsize the boat.

The difference between sudden and certain. Also, Democracy on the ballot, World Latte Art Champion, Rotary Sheep, It wasn't me, Maggie's link to a Kendrick parody, and the Return-to-Office Tango.

July 15, 2024

I've updated my introductory Swift book, "A Swift Kickstart", for Swift 6 / Xcode 16. It's a free update if you own it and 50% off on Gumroad if you don't.

Taking a leap and trusting you'll be caught. If not, picking yourself up and leaping again.

July 9, 2024

Looking ahead at the books, apps, and conferences on my schedule the rest of this year. Also, AI Chatbots respond to spam calls, Snoop Frogg sings Gin and Juice, Snyder on Fascism and Fear, a bullet vending machine in grocery stores, Maggie's link to the history of frozen pizza, and links to upcoming conferences.

Asynchronous coding and getting yourself out of a funk.

If a View's body is implemented in an extension that doesn't conform to View then we can run into problems if branches of body return different types. A solution is to explicitly annotate body with @ViewBuilder.

I tried to keep this essay light with the week democracy is having - Prince, Shaq - but somehow... Also, Sotomayor's dissent, the Inquirer urges a candidate to drop out, Springsteen on a lyric controversy, Dash on Prince, Maggie's link to the history of Video Games on The Simpsons, and Voorhees on AI regulation.

What I do at conferences when I'm not on stage.

At the ballpark with Uncle Shady. Also, porchfest, fake jobs, I'll take Alex for 14.60, four colors, healthcare ransomware, Maggie's link to MLB's Baseball Savant, and Cristian links to WWDC resources.

Appreciating the little things. Flick a switch and the lights come one. Turn a tap and get clean, drinkable water.

In iOS 18, SwiftUI View is on the MainActor.

June 18, 2024

Reconsidering a computer as a bicycle for your mind. Also, What's in it for me, the Jackie Robinson of LegoLand, what if 1 + 1 = 5, Missing Humanity, Maggie's link to accessing airport lounges, and Gruber's Talk Show Live.

What message would you deliver in a commencement address?

June 11, 2024

Brew the next pot of coffee before you serve the last of it to the customers in front of you. Also, Sleeping Languages, Chicken of S#&!, Subverting Democracy, Fluffy pancakes, Maggie's link to Kitchen Nightmares, and sessions from this years WWDC.

Moving in the right direction with regards to eating meat.

Signing up for Medicare. Also, tasting like a flavor chemist, graphing a relationship, AI email from a friend, Maggie's link to Worm loves worm, and Matt Massicote's Intro to Isolation.

Write your own job title and bio. Revisit it now and then to see if it still adequately describes you.

Revisiting "Many Rivers to Cross" from the White Cliffs of Dover. Also, Ken Burns chooses sides, more on Man or Bear, a percussionist loses his job, Everything awful promised in a Trump Second Term, Maggie's link to a coast to coast ride on Greyhound, and Kaggle's 20 Questions competition.

Little steps are still steps.

A talk about shipping apps quickly is really about something else. Also, Ron says accept the world as it is, the creator economy can't rely on Patreon, the Forged Apple Employee Badge, the meaning of zeugma, Maggie's link to JFK's last meal, and Majid with a throwback to an article on Background tasks in SwiftUI.

There's nothing wrong with most things we complain about - they're just not for us.

How fast a political climate can change when we're rooting for teams. Also, GPS tractors impacted by the northern lights, World bicycle relief, a beautiful recorder concert, Bumble engineers on working at scale, Maggie's link to holdable kitties, and how to use sound in your apps.

Understanding the difference between what we do and who we are.

Repairing two toilets. Also, a lesson from "The Thin Man" on not getting worn down by lies, a year of listening to Bach, Emoji Art, No more f's to give, Maggie's link to pizza leftover tests, and Max Desiatov on Multi-Platform Libraries with Swift for WebAssembly.

The grasshopper and the ant, the four children, and my favorite Passover story.

April 30, 2024

Waiting a dozen hours is a lot selling a dozen books isn't. Also, censoring a Girl Scout, May 4 remembered, Student debt, escape from Noma, The Flipbook experiment, Maggie's link to painting the moon, and Joseph Heck on data-race safety.

April 29, 2024

Are macros for you? That's one of the mysteries we solve in "The Case of the Vanishing Bodies: An introduction to Swift Macros.Available today!

We're not on opposite sides of the same argument - we're arguing different things.

We wrap up our introduction to SwiftData with the remaining CRUD operations and add, delete, and modify a meeting.

April 23, 2024

The true meaning of FOMO and some of its joy-filled alternatives. Also, do not reply cards, a $199 jump rope, some misinformation, a hacker talks to HR, Maggie's link to a final Rooster Teeth Halo game, and David Smith on developing an inclusive mindset.

Reach out and connect with someone. Call, text, email, or write an old-fashioned letter that requires a stamp.

April 16, 2024

Nostalgia and the challenge of a come back. Also, a great hockey save, Radcliffe to Rowling, is a cat a liquid, post-eclipse traffic, Maggie's link to a kitten video, and Doug Gregor's Swift for C++ Practitioners.

April 12, 2024

Beta 3 of my Swift Macros book "The Case of the Vanishing Bodies" includes a new chapter on freestanding macros.

For so many years radio was literally the voice in my head.

April 9, 2024

The difference between a total and a partial eclipse. Also, Amazon's Just Walk Out, Carlin's Dead and Loving It, a self-help guru advises that you do nothing, rat driven cars, eating like salmon, Maggie's link to a Better Call Saul review and Thomas Ricouard on Removing the M from MVVM.

April 5, 2024

Check out the beta release of my new book "The Case of the Vanishing Bodies" which is an introduction to Swift Macros.

On running races with no finish line.

The @Query macro allows us to fetch instances from SwiftData, sort them, and filter them.

A statue just gets up and leaves while a dropped book stays where it is. Also, Vincent online, is this a Christian nation, remembering Danny Kahneman, NASA wants you to help with the Eclipse, Maggie's link to what to look for in eclipse glasses, and Apple Developer is on YouTube.

The attention time it takes to bake a loaf of bread is small - maybe twenty minutes. But it requires planning to sprinkle those moments in your day. I'm sure this is a metaphor.

March 19, 2024

A look back at the streaks I've kept this year. Also, a fun video explaining relativity, where toxic males come from, Shel Silverstein looks at AI before it's invented, What did we learn from COVID, Maggie's link to a floating cat sanctuary in Amsterdam, and Ben Cohen on NonCopyable Generics in Swift.

15 years since my first post in my personal blog - and the reasons why.

March 19, 2024

When are we done learning and what happens then? Also, context is everything, phsycists' five jokes, The Douglas Adams Papers, 12 Communication Traps, Maggie's link to Jet Lag in Switzerland, and Graham Lee on the YX problem.

'For ever' begins a new chapter. 'And Ever' never ends.

This was the first talk I gave after Kim died and it was a raw one about getting the most out of your time. I gave a more refined version after my dad died.

Don't wait til it hurts to stretch. Also, man's first calendar was really woman's, girls team prevented from playoffs, play a board game with Terry, Mathtoons, Cory Doctorow's catalog, Maggie's link to every Scranton Strangler theory, and building games for the Playdate in Swift.

The version of the facts that we see and learn are based on someone else's opinions.

March 5, 2024

When it's time to delete an app. Also, planning for the solar eclipse, liberal arts, a conservative who actually is, instrumented mouth guards, Maggie's link to airline turbulence, and the ACM's Communications are now available.

Don't wish you could do something - wish you would. Then do it.