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Working with various levels of knowns.

February 22, 2024

The something new is the release of my latest book, "The Mystery of the Mutating Mannequin", on DataFlow in SwiftUI from @State to SwiftData. The something old - on the eighteenth anniversary of the death of my youngest daughter, I invite you to read Dear Elena - a collection of my writings in that first year.

February 20, 2024

On why we do the kind little things that seem futile. Also, the Firehouse Five, mom's got a bike, another scam, the fine art of baloney detection, Maggie's link to Defunctland, and David Smith shows how to make an SF Symbol.

After you return to normalcy, there's a lot of work to be done and nothing can be taken for granted.

We look at SwiftData relationships and the @Model macro.

February 13, 2024

Thoughts after a demo of the Apple Vision Pro. Also, Pancake day, the 8 minute phone call, your Rock and Roll HOF ballot, my favorite valentine, Cory got scammed, when the tech bros come for me, Maggie's link to Bondi Rescue and Tjeerd asks what if your feature was a command line tool

When you give someone a can of food, make sure they have a can opener.

February 6, 2024

I've released the first beta of my book on DataFlow in SwiftUI.

The physics of chatting with someone. Also, the first beta of my DataFlow in SwiftUI book, saying "you too", a Lego sculpture of the Lake District, Sagan on socialism, discovering Prince, decline of the school bus, Maggie's link to Rugby squares, and Donny Wals on making mistakes harder.

Reassessing whether or not the decisions you made and sides you chose long ago still make sense.

We create @Model classes like those we created in Core Data that are ready to use in SwiftData.

January 30, 2024

My third word for 2024 is "ROS" - it's an acronym but fits in well with my other two words. Also, the Mathematics of Love, Snowplow names, the future of fake news, the world is designed against the elderly, Maggie's link to a weight-losing dog, and the Mac at 40.

On making small changes and not making resolutions.

We customize the generated code to be more Swifty by handling Optionals, special types, NSSet, and inits

January 23, 2024

My second word for 2024 is "Avails". I explain why. Also a Lego snowblower, a Suduko secret, the Pop Tart mascot, how criticism affects people, training yourself to always show up, Maggie's link to a cat lineup, and Glenn's write-up of "Shift Happens".

There's something about taking a step back and not seeing ourselves as the center of the universe.

We generate Swift code for our Core Data entities.

Three lessons I drew from watching my local football team lose on Saturday. Also, the Pythagorean theorem predates Pythagoras by a lot, a recipe formatter, The WELL's State of the World 2024, should I post this, Gordon Ramsey's last meal, Maggie's link to stitch, and more Lehrer in the public domain.

One of the unsung keys to creativity is knowing when to stop and go ahead and ship.

We continue to motivate SwiftData by looking at the XML persisted by a simple Core Data model

January 9, 2024

Taking a break in my three words to write about Words. Also, art that incorporates the frame and glass, AI denying insurance claims, rude audience behavior, a mesmerizing loop, the public domain, Maggie's link to a look back at 2023, and a draft of Leslie Lamport's book on concurrent programs.

Don't just press the "Fix All" button. Look  for the critical fix that takes care of all of the cascading errors.

We look back at Storyboards and SwiftUI to motivate the move to SwiftData.

January 2, 2024

My first word (of three) for 2024 is "Reconcile". Also the federal government's site for dad jokes, Michigan gets voter registration right, public storage, moving puzzles, Maggie's link to pig racing championships, and updates to my site.

There are people who think about the effect of their words and actions on others - and then there are those who don't.

We wrap up our discussion of limits and continuity with a look at a jump discontinuity and a removable discontinuity.

December 26, 2023

Would you prefer to live back in the 1980s? Also, a (still) moving holiday ad, on keeping secrets, my music app is now updated, a story of a particular sound, nipping things in the bud early, Maggie's link to a classic commercial, and Sandi Metz: Nothing is Something.

Thoughts on gathering together.

A function is continuous at a point if the limit exists andd the limit equals the actual value. That's (essentially) it!

December 19, 2023

Celebrating the long nights not the short days. Also, prepare your three words, Jonny Ive reads Steve's words, cycling fallacies, a writing secret, Maggie's link to "Dawn of the Nugget", and I've updated my free dough temperature calculator app.

Increasing the things you can influence by looking for alternate strategies.

We motivate and define what we mean by the limit of a function.

December 12, 2023

Lighting menorah candles for this year's celebration. Also, your cat will eat almost anything, jazz music from quantum math, a great five minutes on AI, Penzys About Republicans, Maggie's link to Jet Lag season 8, and Apple open sources AI tools.

On turning stories about you into stories about us.

We take last week's ancient exploration of circles and polygons and move to a more modern understanding of limits.

Life lessons from starting and feeding sourdough. Also, the opposite of déjà vu, another dress controversy, Duke library leaves basecamp, mowers and blowers, Maggie's link to a frog rescue operation, and Ben and Sebastian announce Kino.

Lessons from the Chicago 7 - If getting elected isn't your first priority, you won't get to achieve your second priority.

This time we look at an ancient way of calculating the area of a circle from ordinary triangles.

November 28, 2023

On avoiding some holiday sales. Also, revisiting exposure guidelines, thoughts on the fantasy genre, Ice festivals inside and out, Maggie's link to a zoo keeper who maintains peace, and the UnitCurve.

Making a difference in just one life.

We look at two of Zeno's paradoxes. Achilles vs the Turkey (for Thanksgiving) and the Stadium to prepare for a discussion of limits.

November 21, 2023

Unintended consequences of a reliable test. Also, Sally Snowman kicks ass, adding 'for a man', Thanksgiving advice, the Natural Landscape photography awards, Maggie's link to a Canadian diver, and Staya on OpenAI.

The joy, privilege, and importance of voting.

This week's video is a talk I gave on Data flow in SwiftUI from Pragma Mark 2023.

November 14, 2023

Fairness must be adjustable. Also, the lights of Trafalgar Square, the history of earth, the case of Mr. Coyote, Maggie's links to questions teachers are asked and comments grandmas make, and where the term "cursor" comes from.

We start with two lessons: begin and keep going. And then we look at the knots we tie ourselves into.