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I'm about to launch my long-overdue video series.

I've been talking about this and not doing it for more than five years.

There are some that I really like. Ben Scheirman's NSScreencast is thoughtful, well-produced, and always excellent. I also really like Chris Eidhof and Florian Kugler's Swift Talk. They are charming, friendly, make me feel welcome while teaching me useful techniques that are sometimes quite difficult. Paul Hudson is now augmenting his amazing collection of free resources with a subscription plan Hacking With Swift +.

There are, of course, others but my style doesn't really fit with any of these.

I've experimented with a more slide and narration based style taken in part from the fantastic food video series Binging with Babish and Jun's Kitchen. Both are recorded and produced and then the voice track is added later. Ben, Swift Talk, and Paul follow more of the style of J Kenji Lopez-Alt.

I love both of these styles and wish I could do the record as you go as it keeps me from fussing endlessly. I'm not sure you see the benefit of all of my fussing but I have to choose the way that works for my personality.

So I've got the style down - at least for now - and have done some samples which you can find for free at my video site under Conferences and Meetups.

I've been agonizing over the pricing for the site. I've looked at the pricing for the sites above as well as Destroy All Software ($29 a month for everything and $19 just for a new platform). Most of them have one month and yearly rates. Other sites also let you buy single courses.

I spent a year on various dating sites (don't ask - it was not what I expected). Most of them are very expensive for a week or a month and then there's a sharp drop off in the rate if you commit to three months or a year.

So here's what I'm thinking - offer a standalone price where you can buy the first course (First steps in Combine) for a fixed amount - or you can subscribe for 2 months, 6 months, or a year. I don't think I'm going to offer a one month plan but I don't know.

If you have thoughts, please email me and let me know.