This hands-on, one day introductory course is for experienced Swift developers who are new to the Combine framework.

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What you'll learn

The Combine framework provides a unified way for handling asynchronous data flow in your iOS and Mac applications.

This course focuses on the four main pillars of Combine: Publisher, Subscribers, Subscriptions, and Operators.

You learn to take advantage of the publishers that Apple has introduced in UIKit, AppKit, Foundation, SwiftUI, and elsewhere. You create subscriptions by subscribing to publishers with assign and sink.

We explore the most useful types of Operators with examples that should remind you of work you've done with Arrays. Combine's operators make it easy to transform types, filter out what you don't want, and combine publishers together. We'll spend a lot of time working with these operators that allow us to access the full power of Combine.

What you need

You need a Mac running the latest version of Xcode. You'll create projects throughout the day.

Syllabus Highlights

The Path to Combine

Actions and Outlets

The Fundamentals of Combine


Subscribing with Sink

Flowing Data



Observable Objects


Splitting a Pipeline

Joining Streams

And Beyond