Data Flow in SwiftUI

This hands-on, one day course is for experienced SwiftUI developers who are new to Observable and Swift Data and wish to explore the proper flow of data in a SwiftUI app.

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What you'll learn

You've likely used @Published in the past and may have experience with Core Data. In this workshop you'll work with the future of asynchronous data flow with AsyncSequences, Observable, and Swift Data.

We'll begin with a quick look at the familiar case in which state that belongs to the View itself and look at some requirements and best practices for @State and @Binding. Next, we move the state to controllers and models and work with ObservableObjects and @Published. We briefly explore AsyncStreams and AsyncSequences before moving to the all-new Observable APIs. Finally, we see how easy it is to persist model data using the new SwiftData framework.

What you need

You need a Mac running the latest version of Xcode. You'll create projects throughout the day.

Syllabus Highlights

Part I - Getting Started

Body and the basic template


The View Lifecycle


Small Views

Part II - Asynchronous Data Flow

Observable Objects

AsyncStream and AsyncSequences



Part III - Before SwiftData



Custom Classes

Call to Action

Part IV - Swift Data

The Model Macro


The SwiftData Stack


Adding Instances

Background threads

More Fun

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