This fast-paced, one day introductory course is for experienced developers who are new to Swift. To book this course for your group, company, or public event see Booking and Availability.

What you'll learn

This best-selling, one-day, intensive class introduces you to the essential aspects of the latest version of the Swift Programming Language.

We begin the day with a hands-on exploration of Swift functions, variables and constants, and collections. You'll be introduced to optionals and other Swift essentials.

During the second part of the class you will investigate Swift types as you create and use instances of Swift classes, structs, and enumerations. You'll experiment with methods, subclasses and properties and learn to harness the power of polymorphism through protocols and protocol extensions.

What you need

You need a Mac running the latest version of Xcode. You'll create Swift playgrounds and iOS projects throughout the day.

Syllabus Highlights


Hello, World


Variables and Constants


Local and external parameter names

Tuples and variadic parameters






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