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May 1, 2020

Today's no-knead is 75% hydration. It's a little harder to mix but much easier to handle and bakes up beautifully.(Editors Cut).

May 1, 2020

Chapter 4 uses examples from the Swift Standard library to demonstrate higher-order functions. It's a free update if you own the book already. If not... (Dim Sum Thinking).

Why you should say "Thank you" in this week's newsletter. Also buying masks from "Picture This", some fun musical diversions, a cat video, and this year's WWDC is announced for June 22.(The Newsletter).


May 8, 2020

Chapter 5 explains map() as a design pattern, not a one-off function in the Swift Standard Library. It's a free update if you own the book already. If not... (Dim Sum Thinking).

May 11, 2020

Each year I make Pear Crepes for Kim for Mother's Day. Here's how. (Editors Cut).

On attending and presenting conferences and workshops from home, a recipe for crepes, map() as a design pattern, Maggie's link to autodraw, and Chuq von Rospach's beautiful eBook.(The Newsletter).

May 14, 2020

I'm thinking of writing a bread book. Want to help? (Dim Sum Thinking).

May 19, 2020

The Dear Abby Game, permission, John Prine's song, Disco, Alvin Ailey, and Brad Colbow's drawing course. (The Newsletter).

May 22, 2020

Chapter 6 explains flatMap() in relation to map(). It's a free update if you own the book already. (Dim Sum Thinking).

Design Patterns the way they were meant to be, A Mathematician's look at a Sudoku, Maggie links to a walk across RI, and Erica Sadun releases "Remind"(The Newsletter).

Last week I spoke at CocoaHeadsNL, the wonderful user group from the Netherlands. I've visited their meetup many times and spoken there in person in the past and so was delighted to be asked to talk about Functional Programming in the context of SwiftUI. Here's the video I produced.(Editors Cut).

May 29, 2020

Free update to the FP book includes more diagrams, comics, extra examples, and two new sections. (Dim Sum Thinking).