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Get back up if you can. Also, an awesome science teacher, the Muppets minifigures, understanding iCloud, your itty bitty committee, the FBI's guide to internet slang, Maggie's link to the Cal band ABBA show, and Khoa's Environment values.

Thoughts on risk and responsibility. Also, a family of geese, a story of humanity, Robert Reich on freedom, Chris Hayes on being famous, Maggie's link to a math trick and a bunny trick, and Apple employees on working remote.

The way of the world. Also, a short animation from InDaviduall, David Pepper shows both sides of history, Strandbeest, Maggie's link to Mouse Cursor History, Sherrilyn Ifill's reminder, modern serenity, and testing @Published properties.

Maggie's Masters and the future of teaching. Also, test my dough temp app, plant a tree, House in 7 minutes, King Crimson on Harp, Guns, Keyboards, Maggie's link to Garfield's Dark Ride, and SwiftUI Traits.

I've updated my bread baking app for achieving the desired dough temperature in your home bakes with the top requested features.

Understanding the active time required in a task. Also, empty chairs, iPhone plant identification, Dough Temp app update (still free!), back to school, trip tik, Maggie's link featuring Maggie, and App Dev Con.

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