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On relationships online and IRL. Also, try Infomagical to reduce your device use, the 12-Foot Skeleton history, a red fox from leaves etc, recognizing women in science, don't boo - vote, Maggie's spooky bros, and checking out micro.blog and mastodon.

November 8, 2022

Set up everything you need in bowls before you go to the stove. Also, Fallows writes Twitter is our Future, reporting election crimes, baby bird dines alone, hats on frogs, dollar baby, Maggie's link to a Chicken eater, and Martin Fowler says vote.

November 15, 2022

On seeing the familiar in a new setting. Also, elephants help a local news spot, celebrating Vonnegut, the differences of Mastodon, Maggie's link to Buffalo Chicken toasted ravioli, and Hannah Fry on why so few women excel at math(s).

On Rodin statues and the interplay of rough and smooth. Also, unslicing a tomato, fun music facts, cuffing season advice, Maggie's link to the day Barney was killed, and how to protect your Twitter account.

You can get my Bread Baking book for 50% off this holiday season. Also, you can pre-order my book on Swift concurrency and get the chapters as they are released in beta.

November 29, 2022

Morals when you really want to do something. Also, Bread Baking book discount, new book announcement, I can't imagine, Auto Parts Jingle live, offsides, Maggie's Kid Pix link, and Ellen's holiday items.