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Listening more selectively. Also, the power of words, legal lullabies, David Chang on Deliciousness, Maggie's link to a most amazing race, and Drew McCormack helps you learn a new language.

Before we get to the new Observable Macro, we use Combine to communicate from Model to Controller and Controller to View.

What probability tells you about large and small numbers.

August 8, 2023

On 30 years of marriage 7 years into being a widow. Also, a baseball fight, liquor kits, letters read by actors, how to criticize, Maggie's link to a couple not arguing, and in memory of Bram.

In this part we show how easy it is to use Observable and explain what is added by the @Observable macro and explore a bit of the mechanism that SwiftUI uses.

The importance of nothing.

August 15, 2023

I don't have good intuition for different measurements and statistics. Also, a great video of the Ames effect, blaming cyclists, a blind man's experience with fireworks, understanding splines, cutting departments, Maggie's link to a problematic license plate, and Kent Beck's emotions.

We place a Controller in between the Observable Model and the View. Even though the Controller is a struct and is (eventually) passed to the View from the App as a let, the updates still work perfectly. This part explains the magic bits.

The debate on sending kids back to school in the early months of COVID in the US.

August 22, 2023

On noticing me getting annoyed at pretty much everything. Also, Apple Technology used by 3DPets for animal prosthetics, we're all temporarily abled, the women who helped define Chaos theory, Hip Hop Samples visualized, Maggie's link to a woman whose cat has a mind of its own, and Neil Gaiman on actual literal magic.

In this fourth episode of Observable Explorations, we look at @Bindable which allows us to bind to a property in an Observable object from a view such as a slider.

Stretching our attention span beyond social media posts and reconsidering James Baldwin.

August 29, 2023

Time management that remembers it's your time and your preferences. Also, a crazy legal filing, cities suing over Kia thefts, Kim's Eulogy seven years later, the left and right divide, Maggie's link to Cleveland Browns failure and to a makeup routine from a blind woman, and Paul Cantrell on Liberal Arts.

Geometry is all about playing a game according to the agreed upon basic rules. In this episode we begin by playing with angles.

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