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January 2, 2024

My first word (of three) for 2024 is "Reconcile". Also the federal government's site for dad jokes, Michigan gets voter registration right, public storage, moving puzzles, Maggie's link to pig racing championships, and updates to my site.

We look back at Storyboards and SwiftUI to motivate the move to SwiftData.

Don't just press the "Fix All" button. Look  for the critical fix that takes care of all of the cascading errors.

January 9, 2024

Taking a break in my three words to write about Words. Also, art that incorporates the frame and glass, AI denying insurance claims, rude audience behavior, a mesmerizing loop, the public domain, Maggie's link to a look back at 2023, and a draft of Leslie Lamport's book on concurrent programs.

We continue to motivate SwiftData by looking at the XML persisted by a simple Core Data model

One of the unsung keys to creativity is knowing when to stop and go ahead and ship.

Three lessons I drew from watching my local football team lose on Saturday. Also, the Pythagorean theorem predates Pythagoras by a lot, a recipe formatter, The WELL's State of the World 2024, should I post this, Gordon Ramsey's last meal, Maggie's link to stitch, and more Lehrer in the public domain.

We generate Swift code for our Core Data entities.

There's something about taking a step back and not seeing ourselves as the center of the universe.

January 23, 2024

My second word for 2024 is "Avails". I explain why. Also a Lego snowblower, a Suduko secret, the Pop Tart mascot, how criticism affects people, training yourself to always show up, Maggie's link to a cat lineup, and Glenn's write-up of "Shift Happens".

We customize the generated code to be more Swifty by handling Optionals, special types, NSSet, and inits

On making small changes and not making resolutions.

January 30, 2024

My third word for 2024 is "ROS" - it's an acronym but fits in well with my other two words. Also, the Mathematics of Love, Snowplow names, the future of fake news, the world is designed against the elderly, Maggie's link to a weight-losing dog, and the Mac at 40.

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