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The grasshopper and the ant, the four children, and my favorite Passover story.

Repairing two toilets. Also, a lesson from "The Thin Man" on not getting worn down by lies, a year of listening to Bach, Emoji Art, No more f's to give, Maggie's link to pizza leftover tests, and Max Desiatov on Multi-Platform Libraries with Swift for WebAssembly.

Understanding the difference between what we do and who we are.

How fast a political climate can change when we're rooting for teams. Also, GPS tractors impacted by the northern lights, World bicycle relief, a beautiful recorder concert, Bumble engineers on working at scale, Maggie's link to holdable kitties, and how to use sound in your apps.

There's nothing wrong with most things we complain about - they're just not for us.

A talk about shipping apps quickly is really about something else. Also, Ron says accept the world as it is, the creator economy can't rely on Patreon, the Forged Apple Employee Badge, the meaning of zeugma, Maggie's link to JFK's last meal, and Majid with a throwback to an article on Background tasks in SwiftUI.

Little steps are still steps.

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