Swift 4 - iOS 11 Bootcamp

How to write apps for the iPhone and iPad (Three - Five days)

This course is for groups who need a customized version of Introduction to iOS Programming with Swift.

This three to five day intensive introductory course is for developers who are either experienced in Swift or iOS development, or both.

To customize and book this course for your group, company, or public event see Booking and Availability.

What you'll learn

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of iOS 11 app development using Swift 4 on Xcode 9.

For the first portion of the class, select one or more of the one day Swift offerings:Swift Kickstart, Thinking in Swift, Functional Programming in Swift, or Swift Design Patterns.

Be default, part two of the class is the Swifty iOS 11 course. We may be able to supplement or replace this material with custom content.

What you need

You need a Mac running Sierra or High Sierra with the latest publicly shipping version of Xcode 9 installed. You'll work with Xcode projects and playgrounds and also the iOS Simulator throughout the course.