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Working with various levels of knowns.

February 22, 2024

The something new is the release of my latest book, "The Mystery of the Mutating Mannequin", on DataFlow in SwiftUI from @State to SwiftData. The something old - on the eighteenth anniversary of the death of my youngest daughter, I invite you to read Dear Elena - a collection of my writings in that first year.

February 20, 2024

On why we do the kind little things that seem futile. Also, the Firehouse Five, mom's got a bike, another scam, the fine art of baloney detection, Maggie's link to Defunctland, and David Smith shows how to make an SF Symbol.

We look at SwiftData relationships and the @Model macro.

Books from Editors Cut

The Mystery of the Mutating Mannequin

The Curious Case of the Async Cafe

A Bread Baking Kickstart

Dear Elena


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